How the House of Commons voted to move the Canadian House of Lords

Moving the Canadian Senate from Ottawa to Halifax was a major political victory for the Liberals, but they lost out to the Conservatives, who got the support of the House.

A motion to move to the capital, where the Liberal government is seeking a majority, was defeated by a vote of just 38-40.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer voted against the motion, saying it was “not in the best interests of the country” and that it would not “improve the relationship between Canada and its allies”.

The vote followed the Liberal’s announcement last month that the Liberal Party of Canada will host a new party, the New Democratic Party, in 2021.

The New Democratic Leader and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced their new party in the House on Thursday.

“Today’s vote is a great step forward for Canada and an important step forward in our country’s continued economic recovery and our commitment to advancing our shared values of democracy, tolerance and human rights,” the new party said in a statement.

Prime Minister Justin Bieber’s Liberal Party, the only party to win a majority in the Canadian Parliament, said the party will “continue our work of creating the kind of country that we want for all of Canada”.

“This new party will unite Canadians who have long struggled for a strong voice in Canadian politics,” the statement said.

Liberal Leader Andrew Trudeau and Prime Minster Justin Trudeau (centre) in the Commons chamber on Wednesday.

Photo: The Canadian Press