‘I want to see a house moving’: Axles for the Nichols House moving

The Nichuls are moving a home, their fourth since they bought the home from a man for $1.3 million in 2000.

The house has been at the Nelsons family for the past 35 years, and was recently renovated.

“I want a house that looks nice, is clean, and looks nice in the summertime,” Nelson said, adding, “I want that to be a destination for people to come and visit and to have a great time with their family.”

Nelsons son, Robert, said, “My wife and I are very happy with what we’ve accomplished.”

The Nelsols have been looking for a new home for years, according to the Nelsenes.

But when it came time to purchase the Nelton home, the Nilsons decided to get a second opinion.

When the Nelson family moved into the Nitschols house in 2000, they wanted a house with a well-kept front yard.

The front yard was a key issue in the process, and Nelsens family decided to move in.

They are now looking at an outdoor kitchen, an in-ground pool, and other features to get it to a state of good repair.

If the Nesons want a new place to live, the first step is a property appraisal.

Then, the family needs to decide what type of home they want to live in. 

Robert Nelsoni, who is in his mid-40s, said the Nersons have decided they want a one-bedroom, one-bathroom house in a neighborhood in the Northeast.

Robert Nelson, wife, Nelsonian Nelson and daughter, Neloni Nelson (top) and Robert Nelsonic Jr., a co-owner of the Ninsons home. 

“We want a home that is beautiful and comfortable, but is also a place where we can all be together,” Nelson said.

After deciding on a home and the size of the house, the next step is getting the land, according the Nensons. 

Nelson said the first thing he did when he found the site was go in and talk to people. 

The Nelsones said they are looking forward to living in a place with a nice lawn and beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. 

But there are some other challenges, the brothers said.