How Vivint is changing the way we move house

Vivint moved into its first building in the Westlake neighborhood of Los Angeles on July 10, 2020.

The move, which was announced by the company last year, was the company’s first move into an office space, though it will move into a new building in 2020 as well.

The new building will have a rooftop garden, a fitness center, and a restaurant.

As of March 1, 2021, the company had 826 employees and 2,065 employees in the United States, according to its most recent tax filing. 

Vivint says that its employees will be able to access its office via an elevator and a stairwell, and that it will also offer employees access to an outdoor deck on the second floor. 

At the time, Vivint CEO Kevin Dutton said that the company was building a new office in the new building, which would be a “fantastic fit” for its growing number of employees. 

“The building is a great fit for our rapidly growing company, and the location of the new headquarters is an ideal location for a number of reasons,” Dutton told Fortune in an email.

“We can build the office with the right amenities, while keeping the staff at the new location with the best quality of life possible.” 

The new building at 604 Westlake Place, located in the Eastlake neighborhood, will be Vivint’s largest building to date.

The company has more than 2,500 employees in a variety of roles, including marketing, supply chain management, customer service, and finance, according the company. 

 Dutton said at the time that the new office was built on top of existing offices in the same building, and he told the Los Angeles Times that the location and the size of the building was meant to make it “the best place to work in Los Angeles.” 

DuckDuckGo, the popular travel app, is building its first office in Los Santos and said it would be located in an area with an existing building.

The developer has yet to announce the location for the new DuckDuck site, though the company told the Daily Dot that the building would be “on-site and open to the public,” though it declined to reveal the actual building location. 

Ducks, an app that allows users to share photos of ducklings, also is building a second building in Los Gatos, and it has already announced that it would open its new digs in the South of Market neighborhood.

The developers of DuckDucks have previously said that they were aiming for a new headquarters in the North of Los Santos, and according to the developers, they will be in a location that was previously occupied by a building. 

In addition to building a large office, Vivinn has been moving its corporate headquarters into offices around the world.

Vivint, for example, moved its headquarters from Paris to Dublin, Ireland, and from Dubai to the United Arab Emirates, while Apple’s headquarters is located in a Dubai apartment complex. 

According to, the new campus will be the largest building in a new development in its history.

The campus is designed by renowned architect Richard Meier, who also designed the offices at the World Trade Center. 

The building, a project of the architecture firm Henson Williams, will have up to 500,000 square feet of space for its employees, according a statement from Vivint commissioner and former CEO Jeff Dunn. 

While Vivint will be moving into the new digs, it will not be the first time the company has opened up an office in a foreign country. 

Barely three years ago, the company moved its offices into the new office space at the United Kingdom’s National Theatre in London.

The office was set to become Vivint Europe’s first ever office space. 

Like the company in the UK, Vivin also plans to be open to new employees and to move its offices out of its current location in the San Fernando Valley in 2020. 

A spokesperson for the company said in a statement that the move was “a strategic decision for the future of our company and for the world.” 

As we’ve written before, there are some key differences between Vivint and other companies that have opened up office space in other countries, including Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

For example, the two companies have very different culture. 

As such, Vivins office in Hong Kong has been a very busy place for many years, and many people are used to working in an office environment in the U.K. or other European countries.

The fact that Vivint has been able to open its offices in a very different environment, though, may also be an advantage for the U!


to benefit from its new headquarters.