Which states are having the most and least helicopter moving house?

The most common and least common ways a person can get stuck in a house are getting stuck in the garage and getting trapped in a home that is not properly secured.

However, even those are not the most common.

Here are the states with the most house moving-related accidents and the least:New Mexico: 828 people reported house moving mishaps, most in January and February and the lowest monthly total since January 2013New York: 715 people reported helicopter-related mishaps and the highest monthly total in January-FebruaryNew Jersey: 716 people reported vehicle-related house-moving accidents and second-highest monthly totalIn New Mexico, the most recent accident happened in December, when a woman was stuck in her car in the driveway.

The woman’s husband took her to a friend’s house, but they had to wait for a police officer to arrive, which took longer than expected, the New Mexico Fire Department reported.

The family got trapped in the house for four days, but no one was hurt, according to the department.

In February, the accident happened again.

A man who was stuck with his son was forced to drive his truck through the home to get the son out of the house.

The boy’s father tried to rescue him, but he got stuck in his garage, the man said.

He said he was told to call 911 and then told to go back inside the house because the boy’s mother had called 911.

In New York, a man was trapped in his home and had to call for help, when he heard a helicopter flying overhead.

He called 911, but it was too late.

The house was upside down and the man was pinned to the ground.

The helicopter was flying in the direction of New York City, the Department of Buildings said in a statement.

The most common way a person gets stuck in an accident is getting stuck on the wrong side of a driveway.

In April, a truck driver in Pennsylvania accidentally drove through the house of a family he was supposed to be helping, and the family had to take the man to the hospital, according the Pennsylvania State Police.

The man had his feet on the dashboard and was unable to move his feet, the police report said.