How Wooten House moved to Delhi

Moving house is becoming increasingly common in the country. 

But it can be quite challenging, particularly for people who are not professionals. 

It’s been a challenge for the housekeeper, who is required to work in a foreign country and needs to know how to navigate the complex process of moving houses. 

The Times of Indian reports that the moving house process in the city of Wootens, Kerala, took a new turn this week, as the owner moved the house to the new address. 

While the house will stay at the new residence, the owner of the house, Wootes housekeeper Chaitanya, will move the house as well.

“The house will be moved from Wootans house to its new address, and the housekeepers of the new house will work in the new location.

It will be done in a short period of time,” a spokesperson from Wampas department of planning and development told The Times.

The move is the latest move in the long history of the home, which is now located at a new address in the suburb of Vellore.

After a few months of living at the old house, Chaitany decided to move to a new house in a residential area of the city.

The move has already been met with support from neighbours and the city authorities, which have been very supportive.

In a previous article, we had reported that there are at least 25,000 moving houses in Kerala, with the average house costing about Rs 4 crore.

The new house is expected to be constructed in two years.