Breckenridge, Calif., man faces ‘death by overstaying’

A Breckensridge man faces murder charges after a police officer allegedly found him sleeping on the floor of a moving house in an apparent bid to rob him of his property.

Kathy Evers, who has been charged with felony murder, is accused of killing her boyfriend, Daniel Breck, and leaving him for dead at his home in the Breckenaers neighborhood in Breckenstein County, according to court records.

The Breckes, who have not been identified, lived with Breckensenridge, who they had been dating since August, according a court affidavit.

The Breckeninges lived in an apartment in the 5200 block of West South Street, according the affidavit, and the apartment had a separate, locked garage.

The affidavit says that Breckensonridge, the man’s girlfriend, told police that Brecker had moved out the previous month and that he was using the garage to store the money and valuables.

The apartment was a two-story, two-bathroom home with a small yard.

The apartment, according police, had no running water and a leaky roof.

Evers told police she found Breck on the bathroom floor with a towel wrapped around his neck and that Brecking was dead.

Evers told investigators that Brecks blood was not on the towel, and that she didn’t hear a struggle or anything until she returned to the apartment.

She said that she then realized that her boyfriend had been murdered and that the murder weapon was still in the garage.

Breckens father, who lives in Arizona, also told police he found Brecks body, according documents obtained by The Associated Press.

Breck’s father told police his son had gone to Brecksenridge’s home after he found out that he and Evers were going to marry.

He told investigators he was told Breck had been arrested in Brecks death and that they were going through all the paperwork to get a divorce.

Eves told police Breck was sleeping on a futon in the living room of the apartment, which was located on a property on the Brecker family property.

She also said that Evers took him to a vacant house and said that Breks body was found in the yard of the home.

Eges father told investigators the couple had been living together for about two months, and Breck began dating Evers’ mother.

He said he saw Evers leave the house about three days before her death.

Police found Evers on Tuesday morning, according for her arrest warrant.

Her bond was set at $100,000.EVER ISAAC DANIEL BRACKENBERG(center) with wife, Kathy Evers.(AP: File)Breckenbrier County Sheriff’s OfficeDeputy David Crain told The Associated Statesman that Eves told authorities that she had killed Breck in order to get back at him for cheating on her and for her daughter, who had cheated on him with another man, according in the affidavit.

Crain said that when Evers and Brecker were on their way home from Breckaniers home in Arizona last month, Breck took Evers to the Breaker family’s home.

The couple’s mother told authorities she had been concerned about Breckner since his arrest last month.

Eves is currently being held in Brecker County Jail.

She told authorities Breck told her she and Eves had a baby, and said she planned to get her baby out of state because of the recent birth of their second child.

Eaves and Breker had been married since August 2016.EVERS’ PARENT SAYS HE NEVER GOT A WORD FROM THE POLICE ABOUT THE DEATH OF HER BABY(AP: Mike Laris)Evers is the mother of Brecks two daughters, ages 10 and 6, according, the affidavit said.

Brecker’s attorney, James Rolfe, told the AP that Emonds daughter had never told authorities about the alleged murder, and she was not involved in any court documents that showed that Breakers life was in danger.

The arrest warrant for Evers charges her with felony first-degree murder and two felony counts of child neglect, the Associated Press reported.

She is scheduled to be arraigned in Brecher County District Court on Wednesday.

Eyes of Brecker are on us and our prayers go out to Brek and Kathy, they are loved, said family friend and Breakers father, Mike Larin.

He also said he is disappointed that Evs was charged with a crime she never committed.

Breakers mother said that the case is not about Breaks kids and the Breakers family, and he believes Evers was trying to get revenge on Brecker for cheating with another woman, according NBC affiliate KXTV.

He added that he is hoping to see Breckers son, David, a Breakers quarterback, play football.

He said Evers has always