Which house has the best name?

More than 50 names are in the running to replace the name of the house that was demolished by Dublin’s Garda Station in the wake of the Garda raid.

The house at 9 West Avenue in Dublin’s Dublin 7 has been on the market for more than a year after it was demolished in September 2015, but only two names are currently being considered.

There are now more than 50 potential replacements and the final decision will be taken by Dublin City Council, with all candidates given the opportunity to make their case to the public.

The winning name for the house has yet to be announced.

It was demolished because of an illegal drug lab at the house, and the Gardai raided it after it emerged the house was the property of a notorious gangster. 

It was the only house that had been the target of a raid by the Gardáí, who were investigating a suspected drug ring.

The raid resulted in the arrest of an alleged drug trafficker and three men charged with drug trafficking offences.The gardaí were looking for drug dealers, but instead discovered a stash of heroin, which was being held in a storage unit under the house.

Gardai raided the house and found a small amount of heroin hidden under a bed and in a suitcase, as well as two bags of marijuana, one containing a quantity of cannabis and a bag of cocaine.

The men were then charged with offences including conspiracy to commit a crime and drug trafficking.

The charges were dropped after it became clear that the house had been built illegally and had not been maintained properly.