How to get your house moving in two months

A moving company is looking for an apartment in Melbourne, and it wants your money.

The house is a prime target.

In a report, the company’s chief executive, David O’Brien, said it wanted to move to Melbourne in 2018 because the Australian housing market was “extremely competitive”.

The house, owned by an older couple who are moving from a large Victorian townhouse, is a popular target for those looking to get out of the housing crisis.

“In Melbourne we are in the best period of house price growth in recent history,” O’Brien said.

He said the couple’s income had fallen dramatically and he wanted to help them.

O’Brien said the family had already bought a second house, and they would like to have more than one.

“The current situation with the mortgage market has led to an extraordinary number of first home buyers,” he said.

“We are not prepared to wait any longer for that to change.”

O”Brien believes that Melbourne’s housing market will be the fastest growing in Australia in the next two years, but he is quick to point out that there are still many challenges ahead of the city.

For one, he said there is a significant shortage of affordable homes for younger people.

Melbourne’s housing affordability crisis O”Brien also cited Melbourne’s low vacancy rate, which is one of the highest in the nation, as a reason to think the city would be a good location for the company to locate.

The company said it had secured a $2 million loan, which would allow it to complete the move in just two months.

While it may be an expensive move, it’s an option that many older couples may consider.

Australian women who are living longer than their husbands are starting to have children, so many women who have not yet had children are looking for ways to increase their longevity.

Many are finding it easier to buy homes than to buy houses, and a move to a more affordable location can help them do so.

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