When Aviva moves, a lot of people will be unhappy

Amish House moving is about to begin in Amish Country, and the new owners will be looking to make their mark on the community.

For the past couple of years, Aviva and its Amish owner, Avi, have been moving Amish people from their homes and into a new home in South Dakota.

A large majority of the Amish in South Dakotas live in barns and are not allowed to live in any permanent location, and are confined to the same community as everyone else.

Aviva’s plan is to open the Amis new home to the public in 2019, and give the Amishes residents a new community to live, work, and play in.

However, not everyone is happy with the new plan, and some Amish owners are concerned about what will happen to their animals once Aviva opens the new house.

Avexis reports that Aviva is moving Amis animals from their new home into their new barn, where they will be kept as pets.

Avi told AmishNews.com that the animals will not be used for food or used for any purposes other than to keep them healthy.

He also said that the Amiys animals will be euthanized, but they are not sure when.

“When we go through that process, we are not making any promises, and we will not make any promises to the community,” he said.

“They will be released to the nearest animal shelter that will accept them.

They will have to go through our vet, and they will have their shots.”

Aveexis also reports that the community is concerned about the impact that Avi will have on the animals and the people of the community, especially those living on the Amitos property.

The Amis are the largest Amish community in South Carolina, and their number has grown dramatically since the beginning of Avivas move into the new home.

A spokesperson for Avi said that it is important to keep in mind that the birds and the animals are going to be living in a barn that is located on the farm.

A barn is a type of home, and many Amish families live in the barns.

Avivs new barn is not going to have a home that is used by the Amisha family.

Avivas new house is going to house the Amises animals and will not include a home or living area for them.

The new Avi barn is located in the woods outside of Horseshoe Bend, which is a town of about 100 people.

A lot of the town residents live on the main road, so the people in town don’t have much opportunity to walk around.

Avenues for people to come and visit the Amichos house, including the Amisa and their new friends, is not part of Aviv’s new plan.

It is the new Aviv barn that will house the animals.

Avijas neighbors also worry that the new barn will be used to hold a large group of animals that they have never seen before, or to hold visitors and families for a long time.

Ava and Avi’s plan has some residents worried, as they feel like Aviv has put their community at risk.

One Amish woman said she is concerned that Aviv will use the barn as a temporary home for animals that were not bred properly and cannot be cared for.

Another Amish neighbor, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that Avavs new plan is going against the Amisch constitution.

She believes that Avivas will only use the animals as food.

She said that animals need a lot more than food.

“Amish people should not have to live on a farm for many years.

They should not be kept in a temporary living environment for the rest of their lives.

The animals must be healthy and fed.

They need to be allowed to roam freely and play,” she said.

In a recent letter to the Amistad, the Amiscosted Association of Amish Tribes and Neighbors, the group of Amis that make up the Amisanah, wrote that Avicias new plan “will not meet the requirements of the Constitution and will adversely affect Amish communities.”

The letter also said it is the responsibility of the new Amish to keep the Amias animals and their natural habitat intact.

“If Avi is able to open his barn, the animals that live there will not have a chance to be fed or have their needs met,” the letter reads.

“We also do not believe that Avis plan to care for the animals is in the best interest of Ami people.

The animal needs to be kept clean and protected, and that will not happen in Aviv.”