What’s going on in the house that moved?

When it came time to move the house from its current home in Sydney to a new location in Wagga Wagga in Victoria, it was an experience all of us could relate to.

We were all moved from a house that was already a ghost town in the late 1960s, in an area that has been home to many ghosts, from a former soldier who died there in the early 1990s to the people who have lived there for years now.

This time we were not only moving to a home where the ghosts had been kept to a minimum, but a place where the spirits of our past lives had been allowed to come back to life.

When the move to Wagga was finally announced, many people were excited and a lot of people were left wondering if this would be a one-off move or if there would be more to come.

Wagga Waggah has an old-school feel to it, with Victorian-style houses and Victorian-styled architecture.

Its a great way to live, as the town has a lot to offer.

But there is also something to be said for moving a ghost home, and a new one was created in Waggagah.

A ghost story is told in Wagagah, a ghost story that has moved on.

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