Google is announcing a move to close the entire Google Maps API, leaving all the data behind

Google announced a move Tuesday to close all of its API, and leave all the information behind.

The company says it will be shutting down all API services that can’t be used to support the search giant’s mapping business.

“We want to do this because we believe that the future of the company rests in the hands of its users, and the API is a critical component of that,” the company said in a blog post.

Google Maps has been a critical part of Google’s business for years, and its data is crucial to the company’s search business.

Google will continue to provide a map-based search interface to users and businesses, the company says.

But it will not offer any offline maps or other information.

The API is the most-used service in Google’s mobile apps, and Google has been working on new features to make it more useful.

The Google Maps app, which offers directions, maps, weather and maps, will be removed from the Google Play Store and will no longer work with Google Maps and Google Maps for Android.

Google has made a concerted effort to keep the company open and to provide users with a variety of data on their devices.

The move comes as Google faces a wave of competition from Apple, which has been building its own mapping products.

But Google has also been working hard to attract more data on its users.

Earlier this year, Google launched its new data portal, the Google Data Explorer, to provide more data for developers.

The data portal is now available for developers to use, but Google has not yet released any official data on how many people are using the data portal or how it is being used.