Balagna House Moving, Belong Moving house moving

Balagna house is moving into a new home in a different part of the city.

They were moving into an apartment in the same building that was built by a previous owner.

The move was expected to take about two months, but they had to delay it because the landlord had a fire. 

This will be the second time they have moved.

In March, they moved into an adjacent building that the previous owner had vacated.

The Balagna family was on the market for a home when the city of Vancouver asked for information about the existing tenant’s residency. 

The previous owner moved in the fall of 2016. 

“It was a good time to move in.

The house was going through a lot of changes, but we had a good place to live, we had lots of stuff and lots of space.

It was a great opportunity,” Balagna told Vancity Buzz. 

In their new home, Balagna will be able to live with their daughter and their dog.

The Balagna’s are looking forward to making it home, but the new home is expected to be a bit bigger than what they originally had in mind.

“I can see it being a bit larger, a bit more space.

We are excited,” said Balagna. 

We will be bringing some of our dogs home from Vancouver.

We will have some cats and some cats will be brought home.

We have two dogs, so that is really good,” she added. 

It is a huge change for the family, but it is all good news for the future. 

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