‘Moving house’ names Eric Gordon and Matt Damon’s house moving to the suburbs

Eric Gordon, Matt Damon and their moving house are moving into a new house in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

The couple, who were set to move into the house in 2019, will be moving in the summer of 2019.

They are currently in Los Angeles for filming of “The Jungle Book,” but the move will come as the two stars are on a run through Hollywood for their new film, “MOVIE MOM.”

The new house, which was originally designed by a private client, is located in the upscale area of West Hollywood and will feature a pool, tennis courts, and a large outdoor terrace.

The new location will also have a large swimming pool.

It’s unclear when the couple will be able to return to Los Angeles, as the new location is not listed on the official Moving House website.

They’ve already been in Los Feliz for filming.