How to handle an ‘unacceptable’ House move

The House of Representatives is moving forward with a proposal to change the way it vets candidates for the next election.

Rep. Justin Amash Justin AmazioAmash, a Michigan Republican, announced Friday that he will introduce legislation to change how the House votes on candidates.

The legislation, titled “Competition in the House,” would require members to seek approval from a majority of the members in order to seek their seat.

It would allow members to run for office again if they lose the majority in the chamber.

The bill would not apply to the president.

The bill is the latest move by Republicans in Congress to make it easier for them to push for policies and agenda items.

The party has also been in the process of trying to force Democrats to support their agenda through a series of bills, including a measure to allow members of the military to serve in the same political party as the president on their home turf.