Trump administration says it wants to stop ‘vulgarity’ from local news coverage of housing crisis

The White House on Thursday said it wants the federal government to stop “vulgrific” local news outlets from reporting on housing crises, a move that could force media outlets to remove some or all of their content from news sites.

The White House press office announced in a blog post that it is asking the Department of Justice to “suspend publication of news outlets that fail to comply with federal standards for fair and balanced coverage of federal, state and local law enforcement matters.”

The move comes as a series of news organizations have filed complaints against the Trump administration over the Trump Administration’s crackdown on local news and social media.

“The President has repeatedly expressed his desire to protect the First Amendment rights of journalists and the First and Fourth Amendments rights of citizens, and the administration is working diligently to ensure the public receives fair and accurate news,” said White House Communications Director Jen Psaki in the blog post.

“This Administration believes that the First, Fourth and First Amendment protections of the First are more important than the protection of the political affiliation of any outlet.

It is important to remember that while local news is essential to maintaining a healthy society, it is not the only way to deliver that news.”

Psaki said the White House’s decision will not require media outlets that cover local law, crime, housing, or immigration issues to change their coverage or tone, and instead will require local news organizations to provide more information to readers about the impact of their coverage.

“We will continue to encourage the news media to report in a fair and transparent manner and to engage in robust discussions about our shared challenges and our shared values,” Psaki said.

“And we will continue working with our media partners to ensure that they can continue to deliver accurate news in the public interest.”

The administration said the request will be made after receiving public comments on the proposed rules.