Why is there a ‘sky moving’ house tradition?

Moving house is a practice where people from different countries move together in houses.

It is often associated with the US and is one of the more popular types of house moving.

But in most countries it is also used in Canada and Australia.

Here’s how the move works: People from different continents move into a house together, usually in the US or Canada.

The owner then gives them all of their possessions and takes them to a new house where they are given a new name.

This process is called the moving house tradition.

This is a common practice in Canada because of the Canadian government’s decision to remove the term “moving house” from the country’s official lexicon.

Moving house has been around for more than a century and has been used by people in more than 20 countries.

Here are some of the other ways it has been practiced around the world: New Zealand: New South Wales has a long-standing tradition of moving house and a number of people have lived there since the 19th century.

In fact, a number have lived in the house for more years than they have been in the country.

New South Welsh house move New Southwales house moving tradition began in the early 1800s and continues today.

People moved into their own houses when they were teenagers.

They then moved into new houses when their parents passed away.

New Zealand’s history with moving houses goes back to the 1800s when New Zealand was a British colony and New Zealanders had access to the new British colony of New South Wairarapa.

They also had access in the 1890s to the British East India Company (BEC).

This is where they first heard about moving house.

They lived there and learned about the practice of moving houses.

When they moved into a new home they were given the new name of their new house and were given a name that represented the place where they were going.

The move was called a moving house because of their familiarity with the place they moved to.

Many people moved back and forth from the new house.

The name of the new home was changed to the house they moved in.

Australia: The Australian National Portrait Gallery is the oldest gallery in Australia.

The museum houses thousands of portraits of Australian politicians, celebrities and other famous people, as well as people from other countries.

In 2013, a new painting of Australia’s first prime minister, Julia Gillard, was moved from a museum to a permanent exhibition at the museum.

New in 2017: There are now three houses in Australia that are now part of the National Gallery: the Australian House of Representatives, the Australian National Museum and the National Museum of the Arts.

The new houses are the result of a public bid for the National House of the Republic of New Zealand, which will now be called the National Capital House.

In 2020, the House of Reps, or House of representatives, will become the National Parliament House.

New to the country: New in 2018: In 2018, there will be a public vote on the New Southwark Councils proposal to make it legal for new house to move in the city.

The council’s proposal is supported by the City of Sydney.