How to move a house

A house is moving out of its owner’s home in the Bayanihan area of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The move is part of a nationwide campaign called “Rajnath ki karoon” or the Return of Rajnath, in which people have been protesting the demolition of their homes and businesses.

The house was moved last month, but the owner, a resident of Dhubri, refused to let anyone move in, and was reportedly planning to fight the eviction.

Rajjawal Bhatt, a member of the Dhubori Bar Association, told the BBC the house was owned by the owner of the house in the same village.

“The owners are the members of the village, and the village is in the possession of the people,” he said.

“There is no legal right to the house, so the people of the place have decided to take it out of the possession.”

The people of Dhuba were angry at the move and they have been gathering outside the house.

The eviction notice was served at about 7pm on Thursday, and members of Dhabar community have gathered outside the village in protest, calling on the authorities to protect the property.

Dhubri is in Bangladesh’s Bayanih area.

The people have also started a petition to force the authorities not to evict the owner.

Mr Bhatt said the eviction notice is an attempt to intimidate people in Dhubrie, who are “sitting on their land” and have no rights to be able to reclaim their land.

The petition is called for by the Dhuba Bar Association.

“The eviction is illegal, and it’s a blatant attempt to prevent the people from reclaiming their land,” he told the Bangladesh News Agency.

“It’s an attempt by the authorities, who do not have the right to take back their land, to stop people from moving in.

It’s not a political issue.”

The Bangladeshi authorities have repeatedly refused to move the house since 2011.

“Rajo nahin (the owner is not here),” a Dhubrio resident, Muhammad Asif, told AFP news agency.

“There’s no legal grounds for the house to be demolished.

It was owned illegally.

It is being destroyed.””

I don’t know if the house is worth a lot of money, but there are no lawyers in Dhuba.

It has to be moved to another village,” he added.

The owners of the home in Dhubi have also told the AFP they are willing to settle the case.

“It is our right to defend ourselves against this unjust eviction,” the owner told AFP.

“If the house owner is willing to pay a few thousand dollars, we will accept the offer,” he later added.