Forbes house moving house nantucket,aebel moving house

Aebel, a home-rental agency, is moving its Nantucket headquarters to a New Jersey location.

The move is set to begin in late March, with the company hoping to open the New Jersey offices by the end of the year.

Aebels founder and chief executive officer, Mike Wessels, will remain in Nantuckets headquarters to lead the New York office.

Aelib, the company that owns the house in Nantsburgh, will also remain in New Jersey.

The news comes just a week after the company announced that it had moved the offices of its New York offices to a new facility in Florida, which it said would create more than 1,000 new jobs.

Aes is a real estate company that was founded in 2009 by Wessel, who previously founded the online marketplace Forrester.