When is the next Thanksgiving Day?

By the time the holiday is officially celebrated, the country will be living in an era of holiday madness.

But that is only the beginning.

In a bid to create some festive holiday vibes, some of the biggest companies are making plans to open holiday events.

The holiday season is the perfect time for a big event such as Thanksgiving Day.

In addition to the Christmas festivities, Thanksgiving Day is a perfect day for an all-you-can-eat buffet.

And the most fun is about to begin.

On Monday, Thanksgiving day will see some new businesses start up.

We’re already seeing them on TV, with Macy’s and Nordstrom’s opening the doors on Thanksgiving Day for a limited time.

The company also is planning to have a Thanksgiving Day special with a special “special turkey” in stores on Monday.

These two companies will have a special Thanksgiving Day in stores across the country, according to the company.

“As a family-owned and operated company, Macy’s is dedicated to celebrating the holiday season with our customers.

We invite all our loyal associates to join us and help us bring holiday cheer to families and friends in need this holiday season,” Macy’s said in a statement.”

Nordstrom’s Thanksgiving Day event will feature a special turkey with a personalized message on its sleeve.

Nordstrom will also be opening a store on Thanksgiving in the heart of the city and will be offering a festive atmosphere on Thanksgiving Eve,” Nordstrom said in an announcement.

On Tuesday, another holiday company, CVS, is going to open its doors on Thursday.

CVS is going after its loyal customer base.

“Our holiday season extends beyond the holidays to include all of the best things in life,” CVS said in its statement.

“Join us on Thanksgiving day as we celebrate family and friends.”

While the Thanksgiving Day festivities are starting off strong, there is more to come.CVS has said it will offer a variety of specials on Thanksgiving, including turkey sandwiches, turkey burgers, turkey pizza, and a special selection of Thanksgiving Day brunch dishes.

On Thursday, Cigna is also starting to open up its stores on Thanksgiving.

“Cigna Thanksgiving Day Specials are set to start at 7:00 a.m. on Thursday, November 27.

These specials will include everything from turkey to pies, and will include complimentary cranberry sauce, as well as special catered meals,” Cignab said in the statement.

Cignab is also planning a special dinner menu that will include a Thanksgiving turkey, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin pie crust.

Cristina Cappello contributed to this report.