Barbie moving to Adelaide

Moving house problems: Barbie’s moving to a new home is a moving house problem.

It was reported that the fashion designer and reality star, who was due to move to a five-bedroom mansion in Melbourne, will be moved from her home in Melbourne’s western suburbs, in Adelaide’s west, in May 2019.

But in recent days, it has emerged that the Australian pop star’s new house will be in a suburb of Perth, north of Perth.

In a statement to ABC News, Barbie said she had been asked to move the house by a “partner in the business” in the wake of the death of her father, Richard.

“This has been an incredible privilege for me and I am honoured to have been asked by a partner in the industry to move in with me,” she said.

“As a parent of two children, I feel the need to be in close contact with them, and the decision to move has been based on the needs of the children.”

They deserve better than to be left in a home where their father died.

“I feel I am the right person for the job and I can’t wait to start my new life here.”

Barbie’s move is a departure from her usual style of home-based shows, which usually focus on her lifestyle and style of life, rather than the properties she owns.

Her show is based around the family business, but Barbie is not expected to move out of the house.ABC News’ David Denton contributed to this report.