‘Dobson’ house moved from New Orleans to New Jersey

A New Orleans family’s nightmare has been over.

The home they bought from a Louisiana foreclosure auction house in 2013 was moved to a New Jersey home in October.

The house, located in the exclusive Dobson neighborhood of New Orleans, was sold to a buyer for $1.8 million in November.

But a month later, the family’s dreams of a new home were shattered.

According to the Associated Press, the Dobson family’s home is now owned by a third party.

The family, who had been moving to New York City to find a new life after the death of their father, said they were told that the property would be sold to the buyer in January.

But the family said that wasn’t the case, according to the AP.

The house is now being owned by another family who wants to make it their home.

The Dobson’s bought their home from the owner, and it is now listed on a New York real estate site for sale.

A spokeswoman for the seller, the New York-based company Bidding and Listings, told the AP that the family has not been given a new house address.

The Associated Press reported that the buyer will likely sell the Dobusons home and move it to the new address in the future.