Which is the best meme to move house?

A moving house is a very common scenario when someone moves away.

A couple is planning to move away and decide to move back into their old home.

However, if one of the people is staying, that person might have a different idea of what the new house should look like.

This is especially true when it comes to pets.

A couple in Vancouver has had pets since the 1960s.

They have moved a lot, but have yet to settle on a new house.

They moved into an apartment in Victoria, and are currently renting it out.

(CBC News)The family had two pets, a rooster named Rolf and a cat named Squeaky.

They said they liked the look of the new place, but were concerned about the cats getting too old.

(Squeaky was 10 years old when they moved in, while Rolf was five.)

The family moved into a one-bedroom apartment in a small town in British Columbia, and they said they’ve never regretted their decision to move into a different neighbourhood.

(Darlene Wong/CBC)”There are people out there who are in love with cats, and who think that they’ll never see them again, and you think, ‘well, they’ll be gone, and I’ll be back in a year,'” said Squeakys owner, Darlene Lau.

“And then, when you get there, they’re gone.”

Lau said she’s not sure why the family decided to move in the first place.

It’s hard to know how many pets the cats have in the apartment.

“I just don’t know,” she said.

“But they’re lovely, and Rolf is very loyal and loves the kids and is the sweetest cat.

It was really a happy decision.”

While they didn’t think the cats would be too old to move out of their apartment, Lau said she is surprised that they ended up staying in their apartment for as long as they did.

“They’re very young,” she explained.

“They haven’t had time to get used to their new home.

And I think it’s really important that they get used.

I think people forget that there are some very special animals out there.”

Lingering memories of moving outOf course, there’s another big factor that has been keeping many people from settling in: the ghosts of old homes.

When a family moves away, there can be lingering ghosts from their past.

This happens when people move into new houses, but when they move out, they often don’t think about the ghosts that live there.

“The ghosts of those old houses are very persistent,” said Lisa Nunn, a senior lecturer in human geography at the University of Victoria.

“People can think they have the house for years and years, and that’s all they remember.

But there’s really nothing in the house, and the ghosts will always be there.”

Some of the most prominent ghostly stories are about ghosts haunting homes, and when families move into older neighbourhoods.

When the family moved to a newer neighbourhood in Victoria last year, Nunn said it was especially scary for the children, as the old house was still haunted by the ghosts.

“For kids, it was so frightening because they couldn’t sleep because of all the ghosts,” she told CBC News.

“And it was really, really scary.”

Locating the ghosts can be tricky, but Nunn recommends keeping an eye out for a few clues, and keeping an open mind when it’s time to go.