The #3 Best TV Shows of 2018

Moving house?

If you thought Netflix had a tough time finding enough good shows to keep you hooked, the company is trying something a little different.

The streaming giant has decided to bring back “House of Cards” and its spinoff, “Orange Is the New Black.”

The series is coming back on Netflix as a Netflix Original Series, and the streaming giant announced Monday that the series will premiere on March 22, 2018.

“House” will star Kevin Spacey, John Stamos, Sarah Paulson, John Boyega, and newcomer Jessica Lange.

“Orange is the New Blood” will feature the returning Grace Gummer and new cast members Amy Brenneman and Ben Mendelsohn.

Netflix’s announcement came a day after the company announced that “Gotham” actor Ben McKenzie was returning for the third season of the DC Comics superhero series, which follows the crime-fighting team of a young man and a woman.

“GOTHAM” will air on March 19.