‘I was hoping to be a dad’: ‘I thought we would all be gone’

Moving house is the biggest change for many families who have moved across the country in the last two years.

As many as 6,000 households are moving across the city of Los Angeles County alone each week, and the number is expected to increase by 50 percent by 2020.

It’s a lot of moving, and for a lot people, it can be a challenge.

“I think we need to get to the point where we can talk to everybody in the house and say, ‘Hey, you need to take this house to someone else,'” said Linda Cordero, a retired attorney who moved into a house in South L.A. in November, three months after her husband passed away.

Her daughter, a mother of three, was also moving in the fall and said she had to take a break from work to take care of her two sons.

But as a single mother of two, Linda has found a way to keep moving.

“We’re all just doing this in our hearts, and we’re just doing it in our minds,” she said.

The Corderos moved into the house in a neighborhood with a high concentration of people with mental health issues, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet.

They were able to move with little trouble, and now the family hopes to get a little closer to their children.

“We are very thankful for what we have,” said Linda.

With the influx of people moving across Los Angeles, it’s clear moving is a common experience for many people.

People can be moved out of their homes in minutes.

If you are moving out of your home, contact the local fire marshal or the county sheriff, and get a letter from them detailing what to do, what you need and where you need it.

Once you’re notified, you can check on the status of your move, as well as what will happen to your belongings and belongings you take with you.

For more information about moving, call the L.S. Fire Marshal’s Office at (323) 965-4440 or visit www.lafsa.gov.