How to move your house to the suburbs

A moving house is like an airplane in the air: it’s designed to stay airborne, but not always.

For some, moving a house to your own neighborhood can be a logistical nightmare.

We talked to some people who found it difficult moving to their own neighborhoods. 

For others, moving their own neighborhood is an opportunity to escape. 

 The average American moves a house every 18 months. 

While the process is complex, there are some simple steps you can take to get your house up to code.1.

Make sure the house is up to date on its code and insurance.

If you don’t own your home, get a certified copy of your house code.

You can find a copy of the current code here.

If it has a code expiration date, contact your insurance company and make sure they have the code updated.

If your home is not currently on code or insurance, contact the City of Birmingham to see if you can make your house a code compliant home. 


Check your address.

This can be easy to miss, but it’s worth it to check your address regularly to make sure the address on your lease or rental agreement is up-to-date. 


Make an appointment to move.

There are two ways to move a house: through a permit process, or via an application process.

The permit process requires a $50 fee, while the application process requires an application fee of $75. 


Check to see whether your house is on code and get the address updated. 

If you haven’t been to the address posted on the permit or application form, check to see that it’s on code.

If not, you can contact your local housing authority or the City to make your home a code-compliant home.5.

Make a rental agreement with your local home office.

If the home is being rented out to the public, you must complete an application to make the home a unit of public housing.

If this is your first rental, make sure to get the rental agreement updated to reflect that the rental is not a unit-based home, but a public housing home.

If a rental is being made to a person who is a renter, you need to fill out the rental application as a renters.

The application form is here.6.

Pay the required fee.

The City of Atlanta, Alabama has a fee for the permit process.

To find out the fee, click here.

You will also need to provide your name, address, Social Security number, and driver’s license number.

If there are no fees, you will be sent an email with the fee and the required application fee.

If any of these are not met, you should contact the Housing Authority in your neighborhood and request a refund of the application fee, which will include a copy. 


Get the required rental agreement.

Your rental agreement will need to include your address and your rent. 


Get insurance for your house.

Make this your first step, but you can also get insurance for the house.

The process for homeowners insurance is complicated, but generally it requires an online application to be completed.

The Insurance Information and Assistance Center can help you with that process.

If all else fails, you may be able to get a quote online. 


Pay for the insurance yourself.

The city of Birmingham has a program for homeowners and renters to apply for homeownership insurance through the Alabama Department of Housing and Urban Development. 


Find a mortgage lender that’s licensed to issue mortgage loans in your area.

The Mortgage Bankers Association of Alabama has an online directory of licensed mortgage lenders.

The information on that directory can be found here. 


Make the mortgage payments.

You should make payments for the first six months of your lease and six months after your lease ends. 


Start to build a new house.

After the six-month period, you’ll be required to submit a new lease.

If, after the six months, you have not made the required monthly payments, you’re eligible to apply to build your new home.

You’ll also be required by the City for the required mortgage payment to start the process of buying your new house on your own. 


Buy the home.

Once you’ve got the mortgage on your hands, it’s time to get into the home buying process.

Find an experienced home buyer and get them to help you buy your new place. 


Get your mortgage payment.

The mortgage lender will need your name and address, as well as your name on your rental agreement, the deed of trust, and a copy or copy of any deed of acquisition for your home.

 If your mortgage lender has a discount, the payment is free.

If no discount is available, you could also get a bill from the mortgage company.

The bill will show the amount of the discount, and the number of days after the mortgage was paid.

The more days after you’ve paid the mortgage