What you need to know about the Moving House Container, a new container for moving containers in a house

Moving house containers, which can be stacked vertically, are getting more popular as a way to move containers for use in smaller homes.

Now the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has developed a new version of the moving container.

It’s called the moving house container.

NABH’s new container is about half the size of the original and features a vertical tray that can hold up to 60 containers.

The new container, which was released today, can be used in any house where the main house has two or more containers stacked in the same space.

The standard version, the moving truck, is available now and costs $3,800.

The NAHB container is also available in a smaller format and can be built for $1,500.

Here’s a video of a demo of the new container:The move-in process will also take about a week, depending on the size and weight of the house, said Matt Clements, director of the NAHB’s home construction program.

The move-out process, when it’s done, will take about six months.

The new container will be available in three sizes.

One size is called the HVAC-P, which is about the size you’d use for a traditional trailer.

The other size is the HVM-P.

The HVM container is smaller and more compact, about the same as the original HVAP container.

The HVVM container, when stacked vertically with the HVW-P container, can hold 20 to 30 containers.

In this video, the HVL-P is stacked horizontally and can hold 40 to 60.

The container is held in place by a piece of hardware called a padlock.

The padlock is used to hold the container securely in place.

The move in process can be completed by pulling the HGVAC-B and HGVVM-B pieces together and placing them in a container.

This is done with a large screwdriver.

Once the move-ins are complete, the move out process begins.

The standard container, HVAD-P can be purchased from Home Depot for $2,500, the NABB’s new moving house is $3.5, and the NAHT’s new HVAM-P and HVVAD containers are both $3 per container.

The containers can also be purchased as part of the Home Depot Home Build Series, which offers new house construction services.

The NAHB is the nation’s largest home building trade association and is comprised of more than 500 companies that build and repair homes.

It provides technical advice and technical support to builders, builders associations and home builders to help them build and fix homes.